"my approach of expanded drawing makes use of material and abstraction in order to discuss political contents and action strategies. Within this approach, I intend to not imitate or even establish any line-up ideology but to pass moments of decision on to the viewer. It is the "not-yet" of intermediate states and instability that I address: be it alternating concepts of value within society, the subjectivity of individual perception, or inter-subjective communication."

selected bibliography

Kunsthalle Mannheim

Museum Wilhelm Morgner
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Draw #12


Eigentum, 2020
2:46 min clip documenting the production process of drawings within the body of work Eigentum
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introduction by Jule Hillgärtner (director Kunstverein Braunschweig) into the exhibition at Kunstverein Wolfenbüttel (23 Aug - 27 Sept 2020) (14:46 min)
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small scale drawings 2012 - 2015
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close reading, 2013 (5:19 min)
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making of Jedes Kollektiv braucht eine Richtung, 2013
5 min clip (w/o sound) documenting the process of making the drawing
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53 beginnings, 2012
1:37 clip (with sound) documentation
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